Each Easter Egg & Reference In The Collection Finale

As anticipated, the Higher Name Saul sequence finale is stuffed with Breaking Unhealthy callbacks, references, and Easter eggs. Even to those that did not actually observe Breaking Unhealthy, the spinoff Higher Name Saul has proved to be entertaining by itself. That mentioned, each episode within the spinoff – particularly the Higher Name Saul ending – is doubly rewarding for sharp-eyed viewers of each crime dramas.

Higher Name Saul has divided its narrative between flashbacks to Jimmy McGill’s formative years, Saul Goodman’s time as Walter White’s consiglieri in Breaking Unhealthy, and Saul’s life as Gene Takavic in 2010. Within the finale, these tales collide in attractive black and white as Gene lastly will get caught and Saul orchestrates one final “rip-off.” Nevertheless, not like his earlier scams which had been all principally motivated by Saul’s uncanny capability to hoard wealth, Jimmy’s last manipulation of the authorized system is later revealed to have a lot loftier targets: the dying of Saul Goodman and hope of redemption for Jimmy McGill.


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The Higher Name Saul sequence finale closes the final chapter within the story of Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler – with references not solely to the spinoff’s earlier episodes, but in addition to essentially the most essential moments in Breaking Unhealthy. It may be tough to get a deal with on all of the Breaking Unhealthy and Higher Name Saul Easter eggs within the final episode, even for audiences who’ve intently adopted each exhibits. Here is each callback, Easter egg, and reference that audiences may need missed in Higher Name Saul season 6, episode 13 “Saul Gone.”

Chilly Open: Higher Name Saul Season 5, Episode 8 “Bagman” Flashback

The sequence finale opens with a flashback to Higher Name Saul season 5, episode 8 “Bagman”, with a number of Easter eggs exhibiting up inside the first minute. This consists of Jimmy McGill’s 1998 Suzuki Esteem which Mike and Jimmy pushed right into a ditch within the desert, and Mike’s area blanket which reminded Jimmy of Chuck. There’s additionally the hundred-dollar invoice caught in a cactus, a reminder of the outlet that resulted from Jimmy dragging the heavy baggage of cash, and a metaphor for Saul’s ill-fated stint as Lalo Salamanca’s bagman. The truth is, the flashback additionally refreshes the viewer’s reminiscence about how Jimmy needed to drink his personal pee to outlive – the value of Lalo’s $100,000 price for transporting his bail cash.

Mike And Jimmy “Doing The Proper Factor” In Higher Name Saul Season 1

Within the desert, when Jimmy ponders splitting Lalo’s $8 million with Mike and simply taking off with the cash, this can be a reference to their conversations in Higher Name Saul season 1 concerning Betsy and Craig Kettleman’s embezzled $1.6 million. Again then, Jimmy additionally contemplated taking the cash, however as a substitute returned it and even changed his reduce because the Kettleman’s earlier lawyer as a result of he wished to “do the best factor,” which Jimmy swore by no means to do once more. Nevertheless, as Mike informed Jimmy then, Mike did not steal the cash as a result of it would not be skilled, and as Mike reminded Jimmy throughout the chilly open, being unprofessional on this world means dying.

H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine”

Jimmy repeatedly asks each Mike and Walt about time journey within the finale. Mike reveals that if he had a time machine, he would return in time to refuse his first bribe, a reference to how his earlier life as a grimy copy was what led to his son’s dying. Walt solutions Jimmy’s time journey inquiry extra bitterly, but in addition exposes what Jimmy is admittedly asking about: regrets. Later, throughout Chuck and Jimmy’s Higher Name Saul pre-pilot flashback, the place Jimmy insists on bringing Chuck ice, groceries, and probably a replica of the Monetary Instances day by day, Chuck grabs a replica of H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine” after Jimmy leaves – lastly explaining Jimmy’s recurring time journey query. Like Higher Name Saul, “The Time Machine” closely depends on symbolism and in addition explores the worst features of human evolution.

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Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway

When Mike returns the time journey query to Jimmy throughout the chilly open, Jimmy says that he would journey again to 1965, the yr Warren Buffet took over Berkshire Hathaway, which might flip Jimmy right into a “trillionaire” in 2010. This firm is headquartered in Nebraska – the setting for Higher Name Saul’s Gene Takavic story. Warren Buffet can be synonymous with what Jimmy has turn out to be as Saul Goodman.

Jeff’s Albuquerque Isotope Air Freshener & Cinnabon Mixer

Higher Name Saul’s finale title sequence exhibits each Jeff the cabbie’s Albuquerque Isotope air freshener, and a fast glimpse of an automatic dough mixer. What appears to be like just like the mixer at Gene’s Cinnabon department may be the mixer on the jail kitchen the place Jimmy continues his stint as a baker, foreshadowing the finale’s final moments. In the meantime, the shot of the air freshener foreshadowed how Gene could be extradited again to Albuquerque for his trial.

Flip-N-Name Cellphones From Higher Name Saul Season 4

The Flip-N-Name cellphone Gene grabs from his cupboard is a Higher Name Saul season 4 Easter egg. Again in season 4, Jimmy grieved way more than he did throughout Chuck’s dying in Higher Name Saul season 3 when he discovered that his first eldercare consumer Geraldine had died. It was additionally the $5,000 inheritance that Geraldine left Jimmy which allowed him to buy pay as you go cellphones for road resale, the identical cellphones he would later use to construct his consumer base as Saul Goodman. In a superb second of poetic justice, attempting to open the Flip-N-Name’s cussed plastic packaging is lastly what will get Gene caught hiding in a dumpster.

Gene Takavic Lastly Goes Dumpster Diving

Although Jimmy has executed it earlier than, that is the primary time Gene dives right into a dumpster. Jimmy first entered a dumpster in Higher Name Saul season 1, when he was searching for shredded proof for the Sandpiper case. That is additionally a reference to the Higher Name Saul season 6 premiere episode “Wine and Roses,” which notably did not function Gene in any respect. Within the chilly open for “Wine and Roses,” police had been seizing Saul Goodman’s properties, with one cop disposing of a life-sized cardboard cutout of Saul into the dumpster – foreshadowing Gene’s trashy destiny.

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Higher Name Saul’s Greatest High quality Vacuum Restore Card: Ed “The Disappearer”

Within the dumpster, Gene pulls out a calling card that reads “Greatest High quality Vacuum Restore,” which is a reference to Ed Galbraith, “The Disappearer.” Written behind the cardboard is the phrase “Hoover Max Extract Strain-Professional Mannequin 60,” which is Ed’s code for a particular bundle in his providers. This is identical card Jimmy makes use of to contact the Disappearer in Higher Name Saul season 4’s flash ahead to Breaking Unhealthy’s “Ozymandias” episode. Aside from Saul, Ed has additionally rendered his providers for each Walter White and Jessie Pinkman. In Higher Name Saul season 6, Saul Goodman’s veterinarian Dr. Caldera was revealed to be the supply of Ed’s calling card, which was simply one of many many contacts inside Caldera’s encrypted black e-book of criminals. That e-book, which Jimmy used to turn out to be Albuquerque’s subsequent prime prison liaison following Caldera’s exit from the underworld, ended up in police custody – as seen within the season 6 premiere.

Jimmy’s First Calls From Jail: Cinnabon And Invoice Oakley

Aside from being a reference to Gene’s time because the supervisor at Cinnabon, that is the primary actual clue that Jimmy wasn’t simply pulling one other rip-off throughout the finale. Earlier than even considering to name his former rival Invoice Oakley to signify him as co-counsel, Jimmy’s first name from jail is to Krista in Cinnabon – ensuring she covers Gene’s duties and informing her that they’re going to want a brand new supervisor. Certainly, Cinnabon supervisor Gene Takavic wasn’t only a cowl story for Jimmy – he took it critically to assist decrease the affect of his prison actions on different individuals. The Higher Name Saul finale later reveals that this was the identical goal of Saul Goodman’s final courtroom testimony. Furthermore, although it appeared at first that Jimmy was getting Invoice into bother by having him signify Saul in courtroom, Jimmy’s historic plea settlement actually did put Invoice Oakley “on the map,” and may very well be good for his authorized profession.

Higher Name Saul Business From Breaking Unhealthy Season 2

On the police station the place Gene was held, cops watch one in all Saul’s tv advertisements. Although the digicam by no means exhibits what the cops noticed, the audio from the advert confirms that it was the “Higher Name Saul” advert that performed inside Jessie’s home in Breaking Unhealthy season 2. This confirms to Gene that the cops there already know Gene’s true identification as Saul Goodman.

Gene’s Jail Cell Transformation To Saul Goodman

Alone in his jail cell, the very first thing Gene does is panic and hit the door in frustration – till he sees a phrase scrawled on the wall that reads “MY LAWYR WILL REAM UR A**,” which causes Gene to begin laughing, adopted by Saul lastly calling Invoice Oakley. Gene hitting the wall is a reference to Jimmy kicking the garbage can on the basement of the HHM workplace, and when Gene kicked and shattered the cellphone sales space glass after he known as Kim – solely this time, Gene lastly hurts himself. The phrase scrawled on the wall reminded Gene of the time he received caught contained in the dumpster room on the mall, the place he scratched “SG WAS HERE” on the wall there. That is primarily what turns Gene the supervisor again into the lawyer Saul Goodman. Saul’s snicker can be harking back to Walter White’s unsettling breakdown in Breaking Unhealthy‘s intense “Crawl Area” episode.

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Each Crime Saul Goodman Was Charged With

Dropping Gene’s glasses and mustache, Saul Goodman is again, and after seeing Marie Schrader current within the constructing on his method to his assembly with state legal professionals, audiences get a rundown of Saul’s rap sheet: a RICO case with 27 predicate violations. What follows is a synopsis of Saul’s Breaking Unhealthy tenure. Aside from conspiracy to fabricate and distribute managed substances, this consists of 8 counts of cash laundering and being an adjunct to a number of murders together with Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez. This boils all the way down to a 190 year-sentence, however the lead prosecutor is keen to serve Saul solely 30 years for his cooperation. Saul then summons Marie Schrader into the room and makes use of her to intimidate state legal professionals into reducing Saul a 7 and a half-year deal as a substitute. Aside from referencing the whole plot of Breaking Unhealthy, Saul did all this to safe Jimmy and Kim’s last bittersweet moments.

Why Saul Actually Needed Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

The ice cream taste that Saul wished to get delivered to his jail cell on a weekly foundation appeared all through Higher Name Saul season 5. It debuted in season 5’s first episode “Magic Man,” with Saul scooping mint chocolate chip ice cream right into a bowl as Kim listens to Saul’s subsequent huge plans. The identical taste seems once more within the subsequent episode, “50% Off,” through which Saul enjoys a cone of mint choco chip till he will get picked up by Nacho, who insisted that he drop the cone as a substitute of creating a multitude in Nacho’s automotive. Within the following episode, “The Man For This,” Jimmy sees the ice cream nonetheless on the sidewalk, coated with ants. Within the final episode of Higher Name Saul season 5, Jimmy will get Kim to scoop the mint chip into her bowl as a substitute of his. What’s the true that means of Higher Name Saul‘s ice cream? Within the present, mint chocolate chip ice cream represents “the sport.” Saul makes use of the ice cream to make his plea extra ridiculous and finally to get Kim to indicate up at his trial. After Jimmy’s plea discount offers and last testimony, ice cream is rarely talked about once more, implying that Jimmy is honest about getting out of the sport for good.

Each Easter Egg In Walter White’s Higher Name Saul Finale Cameo

Walt and Jimmy’s flashback scene is about throughout Breaking Unhealthy’s penultimate episode, “Granite State,” Saul Goodman’s final look within the authentic sequence – inside Ed the Disappearer’s bunker. Aside from being one other Easter egg that references time journey, Walt’s reply to Saul’s time journey query leads him to determine that Saul was actually asking about regrets, which leads Walt to instantly have a look at the Monaco watch that Jessie gave him. Although Walt claims that his greatest remorse was dropping the corporate he co-founded – Breaking Unhealthy season 1’s Grey Matter Applied sciences – Walt’s Higher Name Saul finale cameo finally reveals that Walt’s precise greatest remorse is how issues went down with Jessie. Furthermore, Walt attempting to repair the heater in Ed’s bunker is a reference to how Walt began fixing issues in his personal home in Breaking Unhealthy as a means of empowering himself after getting emasculated by Hank – he will need to have felt the identical means whereas caught in that bunker after getting uncovered as Heisenberg.

Wayfarer Airways From Breaking Unhealthy Season 2

On the way in which again to Albuquerque for his trial, Saul and Invoice Oakley board a Wayfarer airways airplane – this is identical airline whose airplane crashes into one other throughout the Breaking Unhealthy season 2 finale. Within the airplane, Saul tells Invoice how they’ll use Kim’s testimony concerning Howard’s dying to get the state legal professionals to incorporate the mint chocolate chip ice cream into his already candy deal. This foreshadowed how Saul Goodman’s plea settlement was at all times meant to crash and burn – to get replaced by Jimmy McGill’s last courtroom testimony/confession.

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Kim Wexler Going Professional Bono In Higher Name Saul Season 4

After the airplane scene, Kim Wexler is seen taking off early from work to volunteer on the native middle without cost authorized providers at her metropolis in Florida, which is a reference to Kim taking up professional bono purchasers as a type of stress aid in Higher Name Saul season 4. Within the finale, Kim wanted it to calm herself down from having simply confessed to Howard Hamlin’s widow about her involvement in Howard’s dying. Kim additionally clearly simply missed working as a lawyer, her true calling in life.

Each Easter Egg Throughout Jimmy’s Courtroom Testimony

Jimmy saying “It is showtime” softly to himself earlier than the proceedings references how he would at all times say this to the lavatory mirror on the Albuquerque courtroom earlier than representing somebody on trial. When Jimmy lastly reveals that his last testimony is definitely a confession, he references Walt’s return in Higher Name Saul season 6, episode 11 “Breaking Unhealthy,” the place Jimmy tells Mike the identical factor he tells everybody current at his trial: that Walt would have been in jail or useless if it wasn’t for Saul Goodman. Furthermore, when Jimmy confesses to how he triggered Chuck’s authorized insurance coverage premiums to go up and finally pushed Chuck to commit suicide in Higher Name Saul season 3, the exit signal within the scene is a reference to the exit signal seen above Chuck after his “Chicanery” outburst. The way in which Jimmy lied to get Chuck’s ex-wife Rebecca to look in courtroom throughout that episode was additionally mirrored by how Jimmy lied to get Kim to witness his confession and plea for redemption.

Each Easter Egg Throughout Chuck McGill’s Higher Name Saul Finale Cameo

As Chuck’s cameo within the sequence finale is a prologue to the Higher Name Saul pilot episode, it incorporates many Easter eggs from the earliest elements of the present. This flashback additionally reminds viewers that, although Chuck was proper about Jimmy all alongside, Chuck additionally underappreciated Jimmy’s makes an attempt at being the very best brother he may very well be. Jimmy bringing Chuck Fuji apples is a reference to the Higher Name Saul season 1 finale, the place Jimmy tells Ernesto to ensure he will get Fuji apples for Chuck, a process Ernesto fails to do in season 2. Chuck hoping that Jimmy did not simply steal the ice from a motel is a reference to how Chuck at all times knew precisely what was in Jimmy’s thoughts, as Jimmy admits stealing the ice to Howard within the Higher Name Saul season 1 finale.

In the meantime, when Chuck tells Jimmy that he can rent somebody to do the groceries and Jimmy insists on doing it himself just because they’re brothers, this can be a reference to when Jimmy lastly stopped doing the groceries for Chuck. Certainly, each Easter egg in Chuck’s finale cameo makes Chuck’s posthumous letter to Jimmy sting much more. Jimmy even hopes that the newsstand may have a replica of Monetary Instances for Chuck quickly, which lastly occurred within the pilot. The Monetary Instances can be what Jimmy hides from Chuck in a later season 1 episode, in an try to forestall Chuck from discovering out about his billboard stunt, which is what causes Chuck to first enterprise exterior his house and finally get tased by the cops. Furthermore, when Jimmy talks about one in all his purchasers getting caught “waving the weenie,” this can be a reference to the various public masturbators that Jimmy/Saul has needed to defend all through his authorized profession. Lastly, after Jimmy leaves, Chuck picks up a replica of H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine” – referencing and explaining Jimmy’s insistence on discussing time journey within the finale.

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Why The Prisoners Chant “Higher Name Saul” In The Bus

The prisoners chanting “Higher Name Saul” contained in the bus that takes Jimmy to jail is a reference to the various criminals that Saul Goodman has helped over time. Although it appeared that Jimmy was headed for a darkish destiny in jail, this really makes him smile, because it exhibits that the road cred that Saul has constructed over time may make his time in jail simpler. It is a bittersweet ending, as Jimmy’s 86-year sentence seemingly implies that he’ll die in jail of outdated age.

Cinnabon/Jail Dough Mixer, Jimmy And Kim’s Final Cigarette, And Jimmy’s Finger Weapons

Higher Name Saul ends with Jimmy working within the jail bakery, which is in fact a reference to his tenure as Cinnabon’s Gene Takavic. In the meantime, the scene the place Jimmy and Kim share a final cigarette shouldn’t be solely shot identically to their many earlier smoking scenes – starting within the Higher Name Saul pilot – however can be scored with the identical music and sounds. As for why Jimmy throws finger weapons to Kim within the final scene of the Higher Name Saul sequence finale, this can be a reference to Kim throwing finger weapons at Jimmy throughout the season 5 finale, which itself was a reference to the season 4 finale when Jimmy first threw finger weapons at Kim. Curiously, in an alternate ending to this last scene, Kim shoots again at Jimmy earlier than leaving the jail, however showrunners determined towards it to forestall implying that Kim may get again within the sport.

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