Teen Activist Raises Cash For Abortion Funds After Matt Gaetz Physique-Shamed Her

You won’t assume that body-shaming teenagers is the sort of conduct a United States congressman ought to do, however Rep. Matt Getz did simply that over the weekend. Sadly for her, her harassment backfired when the teenager in query used it to gasoline her activism and lift a large amount of cash for abortions throughout the nation.

Matt Gaetz, who’s presently beneath federal investigation for intercourse trafficking of a minor, gave a public speech about girls supporting abortion rights and what they imagine—it is what they seem like. That means that if pro-choice girls are unattractive, they will not “want” an abortion.

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“Why is it that ladies who’re least prone to get pregnant are most involved about miscarriage?” getzo advised a gaggle of younger Republicans At Turning Level USA’s Scholar Motion Summit in Tampa, Florida on Saturday. “No one desires to get you pregnant when you seem like a thumb.”


“These individuals are disgusting from the within out,” Gaetz continued. “They’re like 5′ 2″, 350 kilos, and so they’re like, ‘Give me my abortion or I am going to rise up and march and protest.'”

Activist Olivia Juliana, 19, responded to the snarky remark through Twitter on Sunday: “I am really 5’11. 6’4 in heels. I put on them so brief that little males such as you miss your house.” She goes.”

“I wasn’t simply shocked on the degree of outright misogyny and fatphobia,” Juliana advised TODAY Mother and father. “So I tweeted an announcement, like, slightly bit sassy.”

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Getz responded to Juliana by utilizing her Twitter avatar to disgrace her look. (Do not forget that this individual is presently a member of america Congress within the state of Florida.)

Juliana confronted right-wing harassment on-line after Getz ousted her. Regardless of the abuse, she determined to take the expertise and use it as an inspiration to lift cash for abortion rights and companies.

As of Wednesday morning, she has raised greater than $168,000 for abortion funds from greater than 22,000 donors throughout the nation. Together with growing the variety of new followers on her social media accounts, she has additionally come into the nationwide limelight.

“I need to spotlight the constructive work I am doing out of this unfavourable territory,” she tells TODAY Mother and father. She tweeted a hyperlink to the Gen Z for Change Abortion Fund, which distributes cash to 50 totally different abortion funds throughout America.

Juliana advised Newsweek that Gaetz “has simply realized a worthwhile lesson that ought to resonate for each Republican who thinks of crossing over or concentrating on me — do not mess with Texas girls. I am simply Not a youngster, I am an abortion rights activist and a political strategist—and fairly good at that.

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