10 Most Disturbing Issues About Wizarding Society, In accordance To Ranker

Harry Potter followers eagerly await the anticipated December launch of the open-world online game Hogwarts Legacy, which guarantees to permit followers to expertise Hogwarts and different components of the wizarding world in methods that they had solely dreamed of, from driving the Hogwarts Categorical to attending lessons. There could solely be just a few characters that audiences are aware of, however the pure enchantment right here is lastly being immersed within the wizarding world.

After all, whereas audiences have been dreaming of attending Hogwarts and being welcomed into the magical world, there are some clear downsides to the group. Wizarding society has a number of regarding points that make it look like a less-than-perfect technique to stay. Ranker requested Harry Potter followers to vote on which of these items have been essentially the most disturbing and would make them suppose twice about becoming a member of the magical world if it have been actual.

Be aware: Ranker lists are fan-voted, stay, and proceed to accrue votes, so some rankings could have modified after this publishing.


10 No One In The Wizarding World Can Be Trusted

Mad-Eye Moody holding a wand.

The concept of privateness is a bit more feeble within the wizarding world. Magic permits any witch or wizard to pay attention to distant conversations, apparate in on personal moments, or simply unlock doorways. After all, morally sound people conduct themselves in a way more well mannered manner, however that does not imply that everybody is protected.

Darkish wizards, and even these a little bit extra morally ambiguous, often use magic to deceive others. Gilderoy Lockhart stole different folks’s works by wiping their recollections. Barty Crouch Jr. disguised himself as an Auror for a complete college yr. If it may occur proper beneath Dumbledore’s nostril, it may happen in any wizarding family.

9 The Training System Is Damaged

Hogwarts Castle during the day

The Harry Potter films revolve round a magical college system, and what it reveals is just not comforting. Not solely is the college itself extraordinarily harmful, but it surely would not appear to be getting ready younger witches and wizards for something.

Whereas mainstream society values the data of arithmetic and language research, it is completely affordable {that a} tradition that advanced individually from Muggles wouldn’t develop the identical perspective. Nevertheless, it nonetheless appears that there ought to be some extra sensible lessons at Hogwarts. Science continues to be relevant to the wizarding world, and intercourse training ought to certainly be a normal in a fortress filled with youngsters.

8 Time Journey Is Approach Too Straightforward

Whereas points of the Harry Potter sequence make it look like a Time-Turner is tough to get ahold of, that’s not supported by the truth that Hermione Granger was allowed to have one when she was solely 13. She made it clear on her journey by way of time to save lots of Sirius that even simply catching sight of your self may have catastrophic penalties, so the danger ought to by no means have been taken.

Hermione could have confirmed herself to be each gifted and accountable, however she had additionally demonstrated, alongside her two finest mates, that she had little precise regard for the foundations. Regardless of this, McGonagall helped her safe a Time-Turner from the Division of Mysteries, and by the tip of the yr, Hermione had made the choice to make use of it to assist a convicted prison escape.

7 Boggarts Are Dangerously Highly effective

Harry Potter

Unbelievable Beasts has demonstrated what a nightmare it’s for the wizarding world to hide magical creatures from Muggles, however some creatures can be significantly more difficult than others. Dragons, Dementors, and Obscurials could also be harmful, but it surely’s Boggarts that would do essentially the most injury.

In Prisoner of Azkaban, a Boggart grew to become a moon when it confronted Lupin. In Order of the Phoenix, one other one took the type of the lifeless our bodies of Molly Weasley’s family members. In all, it appears that evidently what a Boggart can flip into is just restricted by the creativeness of its sufferer (solely barely weakened). Due to this fact, one Boggart towards somebody who fears a world apocalypse might be disastrous.

6 Kids Are Continually Put In Hazard

Whereas Muggles are used to a sure degree of safety surrounding kids, the wizarding group doesn’t share the identical worth. Even folks like Mrs. Weasley, who often worries about her youngsters, did not bat a watch at sending her kids again to a college that was clearly one of the harmful areas in Harry Potter.

Hogwarts lessons themselves usually noticed younger college students practising harmful spells on one another, and journeys to the hospital wings appeared to be throughout the norm for academics and college students alike. That is with out even contemplating the Triwizard Event, which clearly was not a good suggestion even with its new security restrictions in Goblet of Hearth.

5 Wizards Could As soon as Have Often Murdered Muggles

The phrases “Avada Kedavra” and “abracadabra” are far too much like be a coincidence. Whereas it’s only a concept, many followers have concluded that Muggles received their normal magical spell from wizards, which implies that Muggles heard the incantation loads sooner or later.

There isn’t any historical past of this (maybe some obliviating is responsible), but it surely nonetheless reveals a disturbing thought. If Muggles heard the incantation for the Killing Curse a lot that it grew to become a standard phrase for social gathering magicians, there will need to have been a time in historical past that witches and wizards murdered Muggles very often.

4 The Penal System Is Overly Harsh

An image of Azkaban prison surrounded by ocean in Harry Potter

Whereas there have been many witches and wizards who spoke out towards Azkaban jail, the eerie constructing on a distant island was nonetheless used as a technique to punish criminals for a number of centuries within the wizarding world. It was initially constructed by the Darkish wizard Ekrizdis within the fifteenth century, who used it as a base to seize and torture Muggle sailors. The issues he did there have been so darkish that Dementors, fashioned from pure distress, started to spawn there in unimaginable numbers.

Criminals convicted of extra severe crimes have been subjected to the Dementors Kiss, which was mentioned to be worse than loss of life because it destroyed the soul with out killing the physique. This punishment is manner too harsh, particularly in a world with proof of a soul and afterlife.

3 Wizarding Trials Are A Sham

Harry Potter Wizengamot

Regardless of dwelling in a magical world, witches and wizards within the U.Ok. use a courtroom to find out the queries of the authorized system often known as the Wizengamot. They operate inside a Judicial System, with a easy majority vote figuring out if an individual is harmless or responsible.

It is a unusual selection in a world the place Veritaserum, Pensieves, and Occlumency might be used to assist decide the reality of a state of affairs. As a substitute, folks like Harry are left to the mercy of Ministry of Magic staff with out even the suggestion of a very reasonable trial.

2 Slavery Is Normalized

Kreacher the House Elf from the Harry Potter movie franchise.

It’s clear from everybody’s reactions to Hermione’s S.P.E.W. that the angle on slavery within the wizarding world is alarming. The concept that enslaved people get pleasure from their work and captivity has been used to justify the act for hundreds of years in the true world, and it’s nonetheless going sturdy, a minimum of within the ’90s throughout the wizarding world.

It’s unclear whether or not there’s some organic facet to house-elves that preserve them dedicated to wizards or if they’ve simply been brainwashed over centuries of servitude to imagine that it might be shameful to not have a grasp. Both manner, there’s actually no excuse for even essentially the most kind-hearted adults in Harry’s life to not help Hermione’s motion.

1 Love Potions Are Assault

Magic has the unlucky potential to remove others’ autonomy, from the Imperius Curse to easy charms that make somebody giggle uncontrollably. Nevertheless, there’s little extra problematic than love potions. Half-Blood Prince demonstrated how the potion, particularly these created by Fred and George Weasley, could make somebody obsess over a person they may not even know.

Merope Gaunt, Voldemort’s mom, used a love potion on Tom Riddle Sr for what may need been years, main him to marry her and have a toddler along with her. When Merope stopped giving him the potion, he was horrified and left her. Clearly, loads occurred of their relationship that he had not consented to, revealing how a lot of a problem love potions are in all conditions.

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