Kulp, Jesse and Kylie to Massive, Scott A. and Barmettler, Sarah A., 14867 Younger St., $320,000.

Poole, Robert Ian and Lisa to Lequire, Nicholas William and Brooke Ann, 8621 Kilpatrick Parkway, $450,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Kline, Vincent and Claire, 7934 N. 154th Ave., $282,601.

Story Properties LLC to Pandit, Sudip and Baniya-Pandit, Susan, 8205 N. 163rd Ave., $455,000.

Ross, Lorenzo and Rhonda A. to Kovac, Kevin and Slobotski, Holly, 14487 Wyoming St., $289,000.

Ahern, Mary Okay. to Solar Valley Properties LLC, 7020 N. 154th St., $305,000.

Knittel, Stephen to Dejong, Brett and Jordan, 8009 N. a hundred and fiftieth Terrace, $285,000.

Roan, Julie and John T. to Burns, Daniel E. and Julie C., 12154 Elmwood Drive, $395,000.

Richland Properties LLC to Pattrin, Sarah A. and Shaun M., 17626 Clay St., $406,657.

Individuals are additionally studying…

Lane Constructing Corp. to Prepare dinner, Christopher and Brianna, 16404 Mormon St., $415,019.

Kiger, Jason to Borcyk, Daniel G. andDeborah L., 7633 N. 153rd Circle, $530,000.

Krejci Growth LLC to Hubbell Properties of Omaha LLC, 11307 N. a hundred and seventieth St., $60,000.

Sudbeck, Ross N. and Elizabeth to Prajapati, Vikesh and Neeru, 7815 N. 154th Ave., $340,000.

Bobsellsomaha LLC to Newport Properties LLC, 7259 N. 148th St., $80,000.

Hellmuth, Sherry and Robert G. to Charles & Candace Kramer Jr. Belief and Kramer, Charles F., trustee, 10641 Bruhn Ave., $99,995.

Neuverth, Scott M. and Neuverth, Thomas V., per rep, to E&C Properties LLC, 15318 Younger St., $250,000.

Daring Properties LLC to Hanson, Chas and Schow, Cayleigh, 8017 N. 166th St., $527,131.

Landmark Efficiency Corp. to Kiger, Jason L. and Partitions, Elizabeth A., 14807 Summit Circle, $726,087.

Fools Inc. to Corridor, Randall L., 7610 N. 167th Ave., $448,637.

BP Growth LLC to Lim Development LLC, 12510 N. 161st Ave., $66,300.

Clement, Thomas and Christina to Ksm Properties LLC, 18353 Harney St., $430,000.

204th & Fort LLC to Vinton22 LLC, 21113 Hartman Ave., $463,400.

204th & Fort LLC to Vinton22 LLC, 21145 Jessie Ave., $444,400.

Vancleve, Dustin A. and Patricia Okay. to Lake, Kyle and Angela, 18974 Manderson St., $485,000.

Shoquist, Trason and Sarah to Israel, Stephen and Jill, 19311 Sahler St., $639,000.

Paradise Properties Inc. to Lin, Yuping and Ou, Ai Ming, 18510 Binney St., $515,950.

Hansen, Anthony J. and Could A. to Schmidt, Cara and Kyle, 21411 Ridgewood Street, $380,000.

Timothy J. & Janet E. Cuddigan Joint Household Belief and Cuddigan, Timothy J., trustee, to Richardson, Brian and Debra, 908 S. 181st Ave., $600,000.

Vinton22 LLC to Ahmad, Faran and Batool, Ayesha, 18501 Patrick Ave., $513,900.

Reilly, Nolan T. and Emmy C. to Slatkin, Sara and Alvarez, Carlos Andres Gomez, 1508 N. 185th St., $515,000.

FLD Fund I. LLC to Hildy Development Inc., 5426 N. 212th St., $72,500.

Hildy Properties and Hildy Development Inc. to Crump, Natalie and Edwards, Glynne, 3520 S. 214th St., $789,900.

20535 Fort LLC to Crown Ltd, 20608 Laurel Ave., $120,000.

Dorius, Timothy H. and Maria Cristina to Artz, Heather and Chris, 1808 S. 208th St., $610,000.

Lake, Kyle Edward and Angela Marie to Kinsey, Michael and Alyssa, 21004 Emmet St., $425,000.

Farris, Debi M. to Huang, Lingmei and Yang, Ning, 20807 Woolworth Ave., $632,500.

McLean, Jeffrey and Sandra to Severson, Karen and Duane, 3928 S. 208th St., $794,500.

Celeb Properties Inc. to Yungtum, Barbara J., 6402 S. 213th St., $354,384.

Westbury Farm LLC to Vencil Development Inc., 4316 S. 219th St., $69,200.

Westbury Farm LLC to Vencil Development Inc., 4315 S. 220th St., $73,200.

Celeb Properties Inc. to Barth, Perry E. and Susan M., 18135 Camden Ave., $333,644.

Richland Properties LLC to Cleaver, Cullen and Lindsay, 4315 S. 213th St., $347,422.

Fools Inc. to Roy, Tirthankar and Sneha, 21826 H St., $601,797.

204th & Fort LLC to Kloster Enterprises LLC, 5902 N. 212th St., $234,700.

Blondo 180 LLC to Kloster Enterprises LLC, 2735 Massive Elk Parkway, $339,009.

FLD Fund I. LLC to Todd Menard Development LLC, 20958 Ogden St., $70,000.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Keval Development LLC, 3961 George B Lake Parkway, $72,000.

FLD Fund I. LLC to Kavan Properties Inc., 5427 Kestrel Parkway, $80,000.

Laid Again Life-style LLC to Keval Development LLC, 3628 S. 204th Ave., $84,500.

FLD Fund I. LLC to Kavan Properties Inc., 5445 Kestrel Parkway, $80,000.

FLD Fund I. LLC to Kavan Properties Inc., 20976 Jaynes St., $80,000.

Laid Again Life-style LLC to Keval Development LLC, 3607 S. 205th St., $75,500.

Paradise Properties Inc. to Gengenbach, Marc F. and Karen R., 18407 Grand Ave., $604,449.

Oelco LLC to Anderson, Gerald Scott and McGinn, Nancy, 19906 Piney Creek Drive, $336,575.

Dolbee, Erin and John to Ryan, Nathaniel and Samantha, 21706 Edgevale Pl, $385,000.

Adams, Andrew S. and Jacquelyn M. to Guntupalli, Sriharsha and Muppineni, Lakshmi Prasanna, 20608 E St., $445,000.

Victoria L. Marler Residing Belief and Marler, Kyle J., trustee, to Spezia, Amilcar and Sarah, 2704 N. 191st Ave., $470,000.

Miller, Roger J. and Kristine O. to Swartz, Samuel and Joshi, Sarswati, 567 S. 182nd St., $481,200.

FLD Fund I. LLC to Fools Inc., 20952 Jaynes St., $135,000.

Flatwater Lake LLC to Charles Thomas Properties and Tjl Consulting Inc., 28476 Laurel Circle, $169,000.

Kampfe, Steven J. and Helen B. to Schollmeyer, Lucas P. and Newman, Christina L., 85 Ginger Woods Tr, $720,000.

Bluewater Growth Corp. to Hrbek, Joe and Sara, 5911 N. 292nd Circle, $310,000.

Vandewege, Avon P. to Maas, Daniel J. and Connie J., 100 Ginger Cove Street, $1,390,000.

Lahners, Lisa M. and Holzapfel, TJ to Stover, Lindsey A. and Mitchell J., 336 Shorewood Lane, $950,000.

Tige Growth & Design Inc. to Hanel, Steve and Traci, 24606 Mason St., $200,000.

Quad P. LLC to Mjbe LLC, 649 S. nineteenth Ave., $575,000.

Kluver, Eric to Dostal, Glenn, 1308 Jackson St. 410, $535,000.

Stine, Mackenzie D. to Parsley, Benjamin James, 1024 Dodge St. 212, $250,000.

Stull, Kevin and Jamie to Miller, Jenna, 6766 Spencer St., $202,557.

Ware, Matthew E. and Roxanne M. to Stevens, John, 4923 Pinkney St., $178,000.

Win, Tin and Khaing, Aye Aye to Smith, Denise, 4969 Fort St., $175,000.

O&H Investments A. LLC to Nelson, Kevin and Bautista, Joanne, 5315 N. forty ninth Ave., $131,000.

Galvan, Adrian Lee to Perez, Carlos C. and Vallejo, Norma M., 4957 Northwest Radial, $68,000.

Marcelline Wilson Revocable Belief and Wilson, Marcelline, trustee, to Berg, Mark R. and Patricia M., 5101 Emmet St., $160,000.

Nassa, D. Anselme and Genevieve to Fryman, Jeffrey C. Jr. and Ramirez, Rosario L. Orozco, 2311 N. 61st St., $260,000.

Lacrete, Diana M. and Paisley, Diana M. to Meraz, Elvira E. and Romero, Manuel Meraz, 3021 N. forty eighth Ave., $155,000.

Waters, James Joseph Jr. and Kelsey to Tillery, Kristopher P., 2036 N. 53rd St., $357,500.

Masters, Emily S. to Traen, Adam and Younger, Kaitlyn, 2012 N. sixty fifth St., $198,000.

Lynch Tiwahe LLC to Curtice Capital LLC, 3209 N. sixtieth St., $125,000.

Kahler, Bailey Marie and Beckmann, Cody James to Fischer, Nathaniel C. and Jannenga, Hayley M., 2315 N. 68th St., $222,700.

Tuttle, Janet M. to Caro, Rosa, 2046 N. 69th St., $90,000.

Franklin, Alisa M. to Gotschall, Sara Okay., 6310 N. 63rd St., $224,000.

Wilwerding, John to Shanahan Capital LLC, 5019 Maple St., $81,000.

Spahr, Jeffrey T. and Denise R. to Johnson, Hunter and Todd, 4925 Decatur St., $209,000.

Goswick, Donald Franklin to Leffingwell, Melissa and Rylie, 2045 N. 62nd St., $185,000.

Drc Properties LLC to Donahue, Daniel P. and Mindy J., 3224 N. forty eighth St., $205,000.

Edward E. Brown Revocable Belief and Brown, Theodore, trustee, to Horst Energy Realty Group Computer, 6446 Army Ave., $410,000.

Martens, Lauren to Primi, Daniel, 4814 Erskine St., $181,000.

Gloria M. Dejoy Revocable Belief and Gibilisco, Terese M., trustee, to Kradan LLC, 2146 S. thirty fifth St., $245,000.

Hazen, David Bennett and Mary Okay. to Cooper, Daniel, 3117 Marcy St., $265,000.

Jbm Investments LLC to Castillo, Evelin D. Garcia, 1331 S. twenty fifth St., $195,000.

Feldhacker, Diana and Langel, Ryan to Hazen, David B. and Mary Okay., 3566 Woolworth Ave., $315,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to O&O Investments LLC, 3408 Jones St., $152,000.

Arch, Michael and Kathryn to Lunn, Conner W., 3712 Mason St., $230,500.

Brocaille, Isaac and Cassidy to Shannon, Carmen L., 1327 S. 52nd Ave., $230,000.

Outdated Towne Enterprises LLC to Mzj Properties LLC, 4519 Marcy St., $216,000.

Cline, Jeffrey D. and Brittani M. to Mitzlaff, Nicholas G., 6026 Elm St., $235,000.

Schmit, Tom and Mary to Wang, Luwen, 2115 S. fiftieth St., $182,000.

Manna, Stephen A. and Jessica A. to Manna, Luke A. and Yami L., 4680 Frederick St., $245,000.

Gartner, Adam L. and Ashley R. to Ripp, Adam, 1322 S. 63rd St., $370,000.

Precedence Earth Inc. to Fitch Inc., 2201 S. 57th St., $200,000.

Flores, Maria T. and Villagran, Manuel Velasquez to Ibarra, Juan Carlos Jr., 4737 S. nineteenth St., $35,000.

Worth, Wendy W. and Bogatz, Joseph F. to Sterba, Richard Joseph, 5422 S. seventeenth St., $16,000.

Inexperienced, Keith R. to Cortez, Josue I. Escobar and Perez-Escobar, Eulalia, 3805 S. twenty third St., $70,000.

Robles, Jesus M. to Robles-Valadez, Maria C. and Robles, Jesus M., 5124 S. twentieth St., $42,000.

Grey, Christian D. and Sonya L. to Powell, Andrew and Jessica, 4113 S. twenty third St., $179,000.

Archer, Theresa and Raymond to Ferreyra, Maria and Flores, David Navarro, 4212 S. twenty seventh St., $145,000.

Adams, Samantha P. to Morales, Miguel Angel and Burchell, Emily Sue, 3724 S. twenty second St., $175,000.

Digilio, Mary Jane to Coronado, Martina M., 4602 S. twenty second St., $209,500.

Barbosa, Maria Hilda to Villanueva, Gabino Jimenez, 1416 M St., $171,000.

Lopez, Juan M. and Lopez-Ortiz, Juan M. to Leahy, Benjamin Kelly and Taylor Newhouse, 2205 F St., $227,000.

Martinez, Jesse A. to Lightswitch Properties LLC, 4608 S. twenty second St., $145,000.

Mejia, Ismael I. to Hernandez, Cirilo Sampayo and Ramos, Claudia Rodriguez, 5410 S. twenty first St., $55,000.

McDonald, Nicholas C. to McVay Enterprises LLC, 3933 R St., $175,000.

Ktmd Holdings LLC to Aguero, Viviana Morales and Diaz, Jose Valdez, 2426 S. twenty third St., $195,000.

Peralta LLC to Soukup, Levi, 706 Hickory St., $150,000.

Melchor, Crispin and Tomasa M. to Amaral, Mario, 6310 N. thirty third Ave., $36,000.

Crawford, Bernadine D. to Watson Rei LLC, 2508 Bristol St., $40,000.

Oline Properties II LLC to Hargrave, Elizabeth, 3976 Seward St., $180,000.

Kreg Pm LLC to Biswa, Teeka and Kumari, 4328 Binney St., $170,000.

Hawk, Camille R. Belief to Reo Asset Administration Co. LLC, 4006 Seward St., $70,100.

Buena Vista Growth to Inexperienced, Derik, 5711 N. thirty fifth St., $180,000.

Monjaraz, Juan Elias and Elias, Latese to Lagunas, Maria and Delfino, 3860 Parker St., $145,000.

Roundabout LLC to Farewell, Wesley Okay. and Kara A., 1508 N. thirty fifth St., $220,000.

Thebes LLC to Gabe Holdings LLC, 6015 N. twenty fifth Ave., $89,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Dey, Nyadang Dak and Nyuon, Diu Tay, 4111 N. twenty sixth St., $138,000.

Forrest, Eldan to Jackson, Charles, 2442 Bauman Ave., $155,000.

Hartman, Ricky D. to Hartman, Terry, 3920 King St., $100,000.

Rawson, Kathleen A. to Melcher, Peter, 2734 Iowa St., $117,000.

Busse, Shari M. and Jeffery to Vb One LLC, 2880 Learn St., $137,000.

Nielsen, Leslie and Kitzmiller, Frank to Nielsen, Erik E., 7303 N. thirty sixth Avenue Circle, $51,150.

Dewitt, Sandi R. to Kirke, Lauren and Hron, Dillon, 821 N. 77th Ave., $200,000.

Anderson, Gerald S. and McGinn, Nancy to Spellman, Douglas F. and Curry, Kathi J., 10017 Harney Parkway S., $340,000.

Johnson, Jerold R. and Janet to Fahey, Turner, 1021 N. seventy fifth St., $235,000.

Astuto, Sebastian and Donna J. to Dawson, John Garrett, 8607 Nicholas St., $190,000.

Kahn, Nathan Jacob and Christina to Garcia, Hernan Castro and Hernandez, Evelia, 1208 N. ninety fifth Ave., $250,000.

Davis, Scott E. and Natalie Ann to Hollenbeck, Jennifer and Luke, 7318 Seward St., $245,000.

Abts, Michon M. and Timothy M. to Batra Joint Revocable Belief and Batra, Rishi, trustee, 8721 Douglas St., $625,000.

Pier 15 Growth LLC to 5 & 5 Growth LLC, 6009 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $119,000.

Theilen, Jonathan G. to Krajicek, Taylor, 14703 Meredith Ave., $265,000.

Asproperties LLC to Thach, Trung and Mortgage, 2329 N. 168th Ave., $422,000.

Berkey, Ryan Michael and Johanna Elizabeth to Niu, Sida and Nicole, 16313 Sherwood Ave., $380,000.

Charleston Properties LLC to Garcia, Richard and Debbie, 17814 Hartman Ave., $350,132.

Kill, Tracy R. to Skl Holdings LLC, 17836 Camden Ave., $325,000.

Thallas, Alexandria R. and Wallace, Alexandria R. to Talmon, Christopher and Jill, 6533 N. 149th St., $262,000.

Bell, Melissa M. to Wobken, Ethan T. and Reeker, Aspen S., 14525 Larimore Ave., $308,000.

Ann Prepare dinner Schiermeyer Revocable Belief and Schiermeyer, Ann Prepare dinner, trustee, to Olsen, Randall Lynn and Robbin Rebecca, 15021 Tibbles St., $325,000.

Escher, Jennifer L. to Haack, Christopher and Carolyn, 5211 N. 144th Ave., $230,000.

Celeb Properties Inc. to Hampson, Brian C. and Lisa L., 6303 N. 169th St., $415,674.

McDonald, Paul Michael and Leanna Rose to Schwarting, Travis M. and Erika L., 15129 Vernon Ave., $435,000.

Olsson, Manona L. to Henderson, Ardeth L., 16706 Ogden Circle, $415,500.

Koehler, Vincent L. and Ashley to Kuhr, Andrew and Staab, Miranda, 17524 Browne St., $455,000.

5 & 5 Growth LLC to Meissner, Eric and Deborah, 6025 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $555,653.

Pattrin, Sarah A. and Shaun M. to Pogzeba, Shannon and Nathaniel, 6501 N. 148th St., $335,000.

Pacheco, Leobardo F. and Bernal, Yadira to Karki, Kishor Okay. and Jharana, 16023 Manderson St., $385,000.

Adams, Rebecca Z. to Mahoney, Adam P. and Brittany, 17602 Ames Circle, $375,000.

Anania, Anthony Bruno Jr. and Jennifer A. to Genovesi, Charlie and Tara, 6537 N. 148th St., $330,000.

Broberg, Bruce L. to Kluver, Joseph, 5766 N. 157th St., $365,000.

Charleston Properties LLC to Loetscher, Eliene, 5606 N. 178th St., $317,030.

Ferrara, Joseph L. and Rhonda R. to Nielsen, Mark A., 5528 N. 152nd St., $450,000.

Munoz, Miguel Vizcaya and Vizcaya, Gloria L. to 345Efg LLC, 4406 S. forty eighth St., $190,000.

JBM Investments LLC to Morales, Eliseo Vladimir Chavez and Ortega, Maria Sara Guevara, 4529 P St., $165,000.

Riverdale Properties LLC to Jbl Storage Items LLC, 4925 S. 66th Place, $1,100,000.

Cotten, John A. and Marilyn J. to Jimenez, Julie and Julio, 885 S. 156th Ave., $396,000.

Jeffery W. Roe Belief and Roe, Jeffery W., trustee, to Callahan, Joshua and Sarah, 16325 Hamilton Circle, $390,000.

Pittman, Amy to Polodna, Nancy and Donald, 17091 Irving St., $364,450.

Kluver, Joseph H. and Alicia E. to Coby, Weston and Haynal, Cleo Esther, 17026 Decatur St., $440,000.

Oelco LLC to Ballard, Tracy A., 17086 Nicholas St., $305,175.

Oelco LLC to Laster, David Anthony and Diana L., 17082 Nicholas St., $303,125.

Borra, Venkata Ramesh and Pavani to Nadeau, Ralph and Megan, 1005 S. 159th Ave., $353,500.

Foster, Kyle G. and Emily E. to Oswald, Jacob Dean and Carrie, 9144 Hanover St., $261,000.

Fusco, Anthony T. and Clara I. to Meh, Da and Reh, Bu, 9122 Potter St., $266,500.

Celeb Properties Inc. to Ransford, Sara S., 8513 Reynolds St., $382,126.

Burns, Kimberly A. and Jensen, Wayde to Eshelman, Bruce and Cara, 7430 N. 107th Ave., $300,000.

Celeb Properties Inc. to Davis, Scott E. and Natalie A., 8702 Dawn St., $285,100.

Boatright, Takneisha Michelle to Wenninghoff, Kevin, 7423 Hanover St., $250,000.

King, Michael D. and Sarah L. to Gurung, Tula R. and Lachhi M., 7709 N. 92nd Circle, $325,000.

Choquette, Brandon Michael to Ner, Kor and Two, Spate, 7607 Redick Ave., $238,000.

Darrell, Karisa A. to Holman, Corianne and Nicholas, 8103 Grover St., $200,000.

Dwornicki, Brooke and Cronican, Brooke to Lorenz, Sydnie Okay., 7641 Pasadena Ave., $222,000.

Nilsson, Mary Karin to Gerjevic, James P. and Kristen A., 8115 Hickory St., $910,000.

Dervin, Joseph E. and Potthoff, Deborah J. per rep, to L&Q LLC, 2715 S. a hundred and fifth Ave., $201,000.

Monica F. London Revocable Belief and London, Monica F., trustee, to Millerd, Caelan, 3505 S. 106th St., $361,000.

Ackerman, Luke Richard and Jenna Lynn to McCombs, Micheal J. Jr. and Thompson, Lindsay N., 8916 Valley St., $267,000.

Phyllis R. King Belief and Inexperienced, Robert, trustee, to Zemantic, Patricia and Arce, Dwyer, 3128 S. a hundred and fifth Ave., $400,000.

Zorinsky, Jeff to Yribe, Artwork and Lea, 3735 Cornhusker Drive, $250,000.

J Timothy & Linda Daugherty Household Funnel Belief and Daugherty, Linda L., trustee to Mcleese, David F. and Katharine I., 1502 S. 88th St., $1,250,000.

Frichot, Pleasure C. to Barone, Angelique and Lucas, Lester E. Jr., 1122 S. 93rd St., $450,000.

Nguyen, Alise L. and Walz, Alise L. to Marean, Mitchell, 3064 S. 74th St., $285,000.

Abels, Shelby and Krska, Shelby to Lange Brothers LLC, 6706 S. 82nd St., $218,000.

Johnson, Vernon W. Jr. and Joan C. to N2J LLC, 4912 S. 106th Circle, $233,000.

Moreno, Ruben Stephan Jr. and Candace Devonna to Newton, David and Dianna, 10718 V St., $262,000.

Scoville, Doris to Saure, Jordan and Andrew, 6218 S. 106th St., $437,000.

Piper, Aaron and Tara to Pearse, Harrison and Davidsaver, Lauren Nicole, 9323 Monroe St., $315,000.

Ransford, Sara to Schultz, Heidi, 10723 Berry Place, $235,000.

Gooley, William E. and Yarger, Jennifer A., per rep, to Williams, Darin and Wilkinson, Melissa, 2111 S. 166th St., $270,000.

Tyler, Beth L. to Tyler, Beth L. and Foy, Thomas, 15905 Frances Circle, $116,100.

Retzlaff, Jeremy S. and Nicole L. to Salvoni, Adam and Brooke, 18127 Atlas St., $497,000.

Britt E. & Shari J. Campbell Belief and Campbell, Britt E., trustee, to Anderson, Scott and Ambri, 17775 Shadow Ridge Drive, $482,000.

Thibodeau, Kevin W. and Jennifer A. to Schumate-Biebl, Andra E., 2009 S. 195th St., $413,000.

Loeffler, James and Alicia to Kloock, Zachary and Mickelle, 18914 D St., $377,722.

Hukill, Paul Jr. and Opal Elaine to Howard, Eric and Allyssa, 1323 S. 162nd Ave., $236,000.

Kelly, Anthony T. and Michelle E. to Prepare dinner, Dylan, 1324 S. 163rd St., $280,000.

Bennett, Andrew N. and Jennifer L. to Cech, Paul, 1426 S. 195th St., $541,000.

Schaefer, Betty J. to Terry, Rachelle L., 16306 Wooden Drive, $315,000.

Griffey, Jack L. and Valerie to Taylor, Justin and Aliya, 3917 S. 187th St., $435,000.

Dreamer Household 2016 Jt Liv Tru and Dreamer, Barbara J., trustee, to Tifft, William A. and Mary L., 1233 S. 176th Avenue Circle, $315,000.

Drake, Dennis and Leyla to Erdei, Judith, 1806 S. 171st Court docket, $375,000.

Zavadil, William G. and Karla M. to Monahan, Adam and Kenna, 16718 Spring Circle, $520,000.

Seth R. Jill M. Nieuwenhuis Household Belief Settlement and Nieuwenhuis, Seth R., trustee, to Bromm, Rodney and Kathleen, 18572 Vinton St., $980,000.

McCrabb, Sarah and Nick to Lin, Xixi, 20206 C St., $366,000.

Monahan, Kenna M. and Parks, Kenna M. to Velde, Benjamin and Eva, 2217 S. 162nd Circle, $276,000.

Przymus, Braden M. to Mattison, Lamar, 3303 Lafayette Ave., $365,000.

East Campus Realty LLC to Khoury, Joseph D. and Leah O., 120 S. thirty first Ave., 5704, $430,900.

M&M Begley LLC to Erickson, John D., 3432 Webster St., $222,000.

Father Flanagans Boys Dwelling to Roeske Household Funding Administration and Consulting LLC, 3005 California St., $340,000.

Father Flanagans Boys Dwelling to Roeske Household Funding Administration and Consulting LLC, 3012 Cottage Grove Ave., $275,000.

Nicholas P. Brion IRA and Darby J. Brion IRA to Duggan, Johnathan, 815 N. thirty fifth St., $255,000.

Henatsch, Robert J. and Blair, Mary Lou, per rep, to Schaefer, Matthew D., 128 N. thirty eighth Ave., $200,000.

East Campus Realty LLC to Worth, Gregory David and Dana Dean, 120 S. thirty first Ave., 5611, $439,900.

Lindsey, Dennis Robert and Marta Natali to Bryant, Matthew W. and Sienna B., 3524 Lafayette Ave., $339,000.

Beckman, Melvin G. and Mary Anne to Omaha 3 Investments LLC, 3635 Hamilton St., $285,000.

Thomas L. Findley Belief and Marlene M. Findley Belief to Bello, Brian and Kelli, 6003 Lafayette Court docket, $416,500.

Riley, Jessica L. to Forsgren, Meghan M., 5016 California St 9, $210,000.

Langton, Callie E. and Jacob A. to Deffenbacher, Karen, 111 N. 54th St., $1,000,000.

Cdm Properties LLC to 4916 California LLC, 4916 California St., $985,000.

Joseph A. Vacanti Revocable Belief and Vacanti, Joseph A., trustee, to Psreid LLC, 4629 Capitol Ave., 1, $370,000.

Blake Household Belief and Blake, William Leo, trustee, to Raynor, Maureen J. and Jordan C., 725 Sundown Tl, $550,000.

Fox, Devin to Inexperienced, Bruce B. and Megan E., 1146 N. 66th St., $418,000.

Chapman, Wendy L. to Dang, Haixin and Tommarello, Michael A., 307 S. fiftieth Ave., $400,000.

Vfd 110 Q. LLC to Joseph A. Vacanti Revocable Belief and Vacanti, Joseph A., trustee, 4629 Capitol Ave., 1, $370,000.

Heater, Jay P. and Kelli R. to Currie, Sarah Jane, 118 S. forty ninth Ave., $310,000.

Gillaspie, Harold R. and Marjean to Garcia, Erik Joseph and Chloe Rae, 313 S. 51st St., $365,000.

Bello, Brian P. and Kelli A. to Dockendorf, Jared and Kristina, 1018 N. 67th Ave., $445,000.

Con-Ann Firm to Mkf Properties LLC, 5113 Cuming St., $326,200.

Say, Dee and Htoo, Noticed Kaw to Cervantes, Jacob, 9630 Ames Ave., $235,000.

Talmon, Jill and Gorham, Jill to Simpson, Patrick and Harrington-Staines, Patricia, 8121 Corby St., $220,000.

Hoffman, Daniel E. and Melissa to Jane A. Loeck Rev Liv Legacy Belief and Loeck, Jane Annette, trustee, 5933 N. 92nd Ave., $267,000.

Lakes, Eddie to Leonard, Andrew J. and Howeth, Angelique, 5733 N. 81st St., $225,000.

Sacks, Carol A. and McClenahan, Susan D., per rep, to Poteet, Marc E., 8816 Spaulding Circle, $125,000.

Schrawyer, Linda L. and Brian Dean to Schrawyer, Jesse D., 8516 Fowler Ave., $110,000.

Olowolafe, Oluseyi to Berg, Ryan, 5130 N. a hundred and fifth St., $185,000.

Simon, Paul J. and Dodendorf-Simon, Laurie to Smolsky, Matthew and Elise, 5111 N. 93rd Ave., $195,000.

Vang, Pee to Heartland Holdings A. LLC, 7521 Hartman Ave., $135,000.

M&G Properties I. LLC and M&G Properties LLC to Fslro 5305 N. 103 Omaha LLC, 5305 N. 103rd St., $3,723,000.

Kissinger, Ryne Jacob and Emily Margaret to Centeno, Emily Marie, 5007 S. 164th St., $310,000.

Wohlenhaus, Frederick R. and Deborah Okay. to Rezac, Charles J. and Verna R., 17051 Karen St., $375,000.

Knight, David and Christine M. to Knight, Austin and Emily, 5616 S. 186th Ave., $275,500.

Olson, Derek D. and Lauren J. to Jesse, Jessen and Eric, 16405 Madison St., $300,000.

Zech, Tira J. and Hinkle, Tira J. to Hinkle, Katie and Tanner, 4958 S. 193rd St., $308,000.

Moseman, Craig and Redmond, Brooke to Rau, Michael and Holly, 18319 Polk St., $431,000.

Fetter, Kieran and Callahan, Samantha to Cotten, John A. and Marilyn J., 19303 Patterson St., $425,000.

Corridor, James M. and Renee M. to Nicholson, Brian and Hruska, Nicole, 18811 P St., $342,000.

Failla, Matt and Autumn to Antonopoulos, Chris P. and Worrell, Marguerite M., 17312 P St., $400,000.

Gregory Jay Bruening Rev Residing Belief and Sue Ann Bruening Rev Residing Belief to Kulback, Colton and Ashley, 17002 L St., $430,000.

Wiemer, Tatum O. and Wiemer-Harris, Tatum O. to Woodward, Gabrielle and Steven, 5823 S. one hundred and ninetieth Terrace, $285,000.

Curtis, Russell L. and Anna to Badanahatti, Ramesh P., 5520 S. 191st Ave., $254,000.

Mahoney, Adam P. and Brittany to Pocock, Taylor and Peyton, 19116 U St., $250,000.

Chrest, Dan and Laura to Gardner, Austin and Taylor, 17126 Cinnamon St., $520,000.

MacNaughton, Barbara C. to Kehn, David and Parker, Monica, 16607 Drexel St., $250,000.

Schollmeyer, Luke P. and Newman, Christina L. to Birkel, Matt and Sarah, 17607 Y St., $420,000.

Vandermuss, Michael J. and Susan M. to Andersen, Scott J. and Cheri A., 17328 Cinnamon St., $475,000.

Pham, Bich T. and Nguyen, Jimmy T. to Williams, Meagan and Lenihan, Ronald, 15660 Orchard Ave., $295,000.

Rau, Michael A. and Holly C. to Pirimasihi, Daniel S. and Alicia D., 18818 Y St., $310,000.

Jones, Scott A. and Kimberly A. to Pedersen, Dominic and Kristyn, 15704 S St., $330,000.

States, Benjamin H. and Burkle, Morgan L. to States, Benjamin H., 16264 Adams St., $106,550.

Heesch, Matthew and Maurine to Drewes, Bradley and Kelsey, 5077 S. 174th St., $528,000.

Schlick, Brianna and Prepare dinner, Brianna to McBride, Jami L., 16708 Jefferson St., $260,000.

Collins, Samuel J. and Jenna S. to Sauter, Donald E. Jr. and Junko, 4522 S. 176th Ave., $300,000.

Pettee, Jeffery and Melissa to Luger, Autumn, 11315 Washington St., $275,000.

Boggio, Oscar L. and Lindner, Jarrod to Taute, Paige, 14806 Dayton St., $385,000.

Huebner, Mark Allen and Patricia Louise to Romero, Jake Anthony, 11129 Jefferson St., $226,200.

Cleaver, Cullen W. and Lindsay A. to Allen, Justin and Alison, 14008 Adams Circle, $245,000.

Williams, Christopher M. and Katy N. to Michaleski, Nathan, 13931 Jefferson Circle, $251,000.

Wakefield, Derek J. to Boepple, Bryce and Babko, Brina, 14839 M St., $245,000.

Edwards, Kelly and Jerry to Sutton, Alexandra, 13523 Z St., $235,000.

Sponsel, Phyllis L. and Sponsel, Mark E., per rep, to Sam, Howard, 12214 T St., $210,000.

Ocken, Casey L. to Powell, Ellen and Keith, 4359 S. 148th St., $300,050.

Benak, Andrew M. and Cassie M. to Koskovich, Darcy Renee, 10814 X St., $260,000.

James, Debra Sue Yarges and Yarges, Debra Sue to Pham, Phuoc, 13516 V Circle, $261,047.

Rawson, Margaret A. and Folts, Jeffrey E. to Munoz, Icel Castellano, 5510 S. 123rd St., $227,400.

Block, Robbie to Bogardus, Kent D. and Connie S., 11733 Polk Circle, $325,000.

Lichtenberg, Barbara A. to Reed, Wendi A. and Mark J., 5167 S. a hundred and fiftieth Place, $248,000.

Gerber, Jenna M. to Zellars, Payton and Harrell, Peytin, 5144 S. 126th Place, $205,000.

Smith, Randy G. and Boynton, Sydney F., per rep, to Teniz, Maria G. and Ruiz, Diego Rodriguez, 5629 S. a hundred and fortieth Ave., $250,000.

Hargreaves, Sheila I. to Gibilisco, Anna M. and John, 4959 Magnolia St., $247,552.

Eisenmenger, Keaton and Katie to Jones, Joshua A. and Ryan M., 13963 Weber St., $317,000.

Johnson, Gregory E. and Karen J. to Eggerling, Sarah, 13161 Potter St., $60,000.

Judson, Heidi M. to Krohn, Mitchell C. and Pleiss, Hanna M., 7067 N. 142nd St., $310,000.

Elser, Phillip J. and Pamela A. to Smith, Todd and Cardenas, Amy, 12757 Mormon St., $657,000.

Mari C. Lee Belief and Lee, Mari C., trustee, to Militti, Maureen and Lawrence, 7422 N. 118th Circle, $935,000.

Stanesic, Margaret M. and Kullman, Donna, per rep, to Peeraphatdit, Thoetchai and Naksuk, Niyada, 3418 S. 136th St., $290,500.

Bremser, Matthew and Dona to Pinter, Michael and Allison, 3515 S. one hundred and fifty fifth St., $268,000.

Phaneuf, Cynthia L. and Gerard A. to Lacava, Georgianna and Brisbin, Matthew, 1811 S. 133rd St., $275,000.

Ptacek, Matthew S. to Richling, Zachary, 13731 Spring St., $225,000.

Nebraska Leasing Actual Property Leases LLC to Watson Rei LLC, 12116 Pedersen Drive, $136,000.

Edstrom, Jason and Hatfield-Edstrom, Katherine to Wilson, Ruth E., 13735 Shirley St., $286,000.

Howard B. Skip & Shelley G. Stern Rev Residing Belief and Stern, Howard B., trustee, to Swanson, Gavin and Caroline, 1214 S. 124th St., $240,000.

Potash, Alan and Nachman, Amy to Wolf, Fred and Gloria, 11125 Woolworth Place, $515,000.

Stover, Mitchell J. and Lindsey A. to Gartner, Adam and Ashley, 2006 S. one hundred and tenth St., $409,000.

Malcolm, Jacob and Catherine to Bankers, Scott and Kok, Chun Li, 13436 Cedar St., $290,000.

Alan J. Simonson Household Belief and Simonson, Alan J., trustee, to Melgar, Victoria and Morales, Maria V. Melgar, 14473 Hascall St., $342,000.

Dashiell, Daniel W. and Melissa R. to Cederberg, Olivia, 2323 S. one hundred and thirty fifth Ave., $306,500.

Deupree, James M. to Kol-Bar, Shachaf and Shamia, Yuval, 14001 Frances St., $316,000.

Dejong, Jordan and Rump, Jordan to Brown, Debbie and Brown, Deborah Okay., 12432 Lamont St., $240,000.

Engel, Roger R. and Engel, Jeffrey A., per rep, to A&L Reworking LLC, 6323 Whitmore St., $155,000.

Newsome, Cynthia to Stull, Kevin and Jamie, 8110 Raven Oaks Drive, $255,222.

Marcuzzo, Salvatore Anthony to Prickett, Wesley R. and Megan L., 9738 N. sixtieth St., $530,000.

Hilt, Michael P. and Bobbi J. to Venteicher, Amy and Severin, Hunter, 5708 Willit St., $400,000.

Westphal, Chad E. to Peltola, Andrew, 1411 N. 146th Place, $255,000.

Martin, John E. and Stacy to Heller, Daniel W. and Stephanie A., 13712 Parker Circle, $675,000.

Craig, Richard and Paula to Genesis Kc Growth LLC, 11425 West Dodge Street, $1,690,000.

Quest Development Co. to Ellis, Matthew E., 13662 Cuming St., $550,000.

Dethlefs, Ryan and Allison to Vaughn, Stephanie Okay. and Walsh, William J., 15369 Wycliffe Drive, $277,000.

Shirley A. Younger Revocable Belief and Younger, Shirley A., trustee, to McNeil & Firm Builders LLC, 856 N. 143rd Place, $125,225.

Dale E. & Linda S. Brett Jt Belief and Brett, Dale E., trustee, to Stephanie J. Scott Household Belief and Scott, Stephanie J., trustee, 12811 Lafayette Ave., $655,000.

Cni Land 1 LLC to Gundersons Properties LLC, 102 N. 145th St., $3,732,220.

Nonetheless, Gordon and Christie to Khan Household Restricted Legal responsibility Partnership LP, 673 N. 149th Ave., $375,000.

Hornacek, Michael P. and Maureen E. to Wendt, Austin and Burkhardt, Carly, 416 S. a hundred and fiftieth Circle, $300,000.

Lynch, Jordan C. and Kailey E. to Cherney, David and Krystal, 1015 N. 127th Circle, $555,000.

Carda, Matthew L. and Amy E. to Blach, Millard J., 15118 Lincoln Circle, $265,000.

Eckley, Allison A. and Anthony, Allison to Dryden, Marian M., 12459 Deer Hole Drive, $211,000.

Custard, Calvin and Madison J. to Fleissner, Randall A., 12974 Browne Circle, $225,000.

Hreig LLC to Fusco, Anthony and Clara, 5610 N. 116th Circle, $300,000.

Burke, Nancy V. to Ponce, Jana Okay. and Angel R., 11626 Ruggles St., $309,500.

Rearick, Paul H. and Arlys to Shecterle, Mark A. and April I., 4909 N. 136th Ave., $405,000.

Patton, Tyler J. and Lindsey M. to Dean, Abigail and Matthew, 5705 N. 127th St., $245,000.

Goaley, Drew T. and Maura to Monsef Household Belief and Monsef, Eric Medhi, trustee, 3010 N. 126th St., $425,000.

Uher, Brandi L. to Winkler, Paul J., 6226 N. 128th St., $247,500.

Schwarting, Travis M. and Erika L. to Edwards, Cody and Andrea, 2204 N. 128th Circle, $291,200.

Hraban, Sarah L. and West, Sarah L. to Mueller, Anthony and Kaeli, 5110 N. 139th Ave., $385,000.

Tan, Jianguang and Xu, Jinya to Schoepf Amend Restd Belief and John & Verona Schoepf Belief, 5430 N. 126th Ave., $198,000.

Trant, Sarah C. and Moore, Sarah C. to Cruz, Elisa and Yepez, Filiberto, 4221 N. 129th Avenue Circle, $235,200.

Mathenia, Daybreak M. to Carrell, Casey and Courtney, 13113 Grand Ave., $230,000.

Gaither, Michelle L. to Tan, Marlena, 12912 Curtis Ave., $245,000.

Darlene M. Backhaus Revocable Belief and Rudolph, Karen Okay., trustee, to Maas, Kevin and Brigette, 2006 N. 141st St., $280,000.

Sullivan, Monica and Hilger, Monica to Croutcher, Steven and Xiaofei Cao, 12743 Ohio Circle, $310,500.

Harrell, Seth and Melissa to Reihe, Casey and Mikayla, 2401 N. 112th St., $258,000.

Fields, William H. and Smith-Fields, Cassandra to Cesh LLC, 14007 Saratoga Circle, $352,000.

Pofahl, Tyler and Molly to Gazda, Rachel and Poledna, Danny, 11243 Taylor St., $265,000.

Wells, Priscilla R. to Wyatt, Brianne and White, Erik, 1403 Cascio Drive, $230,000.

Carlson, Meredith, trustee, and Melissa Jarecke Revocable Belief to Wolfe, Andy, 404 W. thirtieth Ave., $135,000.

Soto, Ryan and Lucas to Alley, Joseph L., 1327 Hancock St., $170,000.

Miller, William and Melanie to Bevard, Josiah and Elisiah, 113 Hillside Drive, $235,000.

Albers, Judd R. and Margaret A. to G&R Funding Group LLC, 2101 Pleasantview Lane, $170,000.

Bliss, Cheryl L. to Barnes, Anndrew and Particular person, Makayla, 1901 Winnie Drive, Unit 3, $125,000.

Rued, John F. and Ann to Vignolo, Tyler and Lisa, 115 Bellevue Blvd. S, $270,000.

Kelsey, Jayne Annette and Stephen Lee to Precedence Earth Inc., 1332 Camp Gifford Street, $375,000.

Graf, Rachel A. and Travis J. to Jimenez, Esteban, 122 Westridge Ave., $200,000.

Caldwell, Nancy G., trustee, to Webb, Paul M. and Lauren, 902 Bayberry Ct, $290,000.

Karlen, Nydra F. to Kline, Dustin and Brandi, 310 Fawn Ct, $270,000.

Flip the Paige Investments LLC Wata Flip the Paige LLC to Miller, William and Melanie, 2308 Clay St., $289,000.

Natarajan, Karthikeyan and Koppolu, Divya Ratan to Natarajan, Karthikeyan and Ganesan, Lara, 804 N. 4th St., $91,000.

Secrist, Weston A. and Cara A. to Lerma, Juan and Maria, 307 W. nineteenth Ave., $151,000.

Olis, Dana Renay to Rhbrrei LLC, 1321 Hancock St., $103,000.

Stoneco Actual Property LLC to Harvest Growth IV LLC, 802 W. twenty third Ave., $1,890,000.

Williams, Kyle L. to Dri LLC, 1205 Bellaire Blvd., $125,000.

Cleveland, Michelle Marie and John to Devitt, Franceska and Daniel J., 11733 S. 209th St., $285,000.

Legacy Properties Omaha LLC to Lay, Bryan and Stephanie, 12112 S. 208th Ave., $404,000.

White, Mark L. and Jessica R. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 12523 S. 218th St., $240,000.

Charleston Properties LLC to Hampton, Brittany and John, 19862 Redwood St., $400,000.

HMR LLC to Gibbs Land Growth LLC, 12016 Standing Stone Drive, $1,809,000.

King, Corey and Kelly to Howser, Christopher Cody and Emily, 7714 S. 194th Ave., $440,000.

Schnack Household GP to Silver Oak Estates LLC, 22106 Capehart Street, $1,398,000.

Meyers, Whitney G. to Koglin, Marlene G., 16965 Jessica Lane, $410,000.

Griffin, Hilary to Lopez, Danny and Cardona, Sandra Yaneth, 254 S. McKenna Ave., $257,000.

Nathan, Marcus C. and Jill J. to Heng, Nathan and Jordan, 7103 S. 193rd St., $422,000.

Fibich, Michelle and Frank E. to Hoffmann, Austin and Allison, 20942 Oak St., $268,000.

Frahm, Shane D., trustee, and Frahm, Lexie A. Belief to Porter, Mick A. and Callie C., 23591 Prairie Ridge Street, $1,000,000.

Fabian, Robert G. and Katelyn M. to Nuttelmann, Grant and Jamie, 12431 S. 218th Ave., $345,000.

Rengo, Stacy S. and Trenton John to McKernan, Daniel J., 535 Bonnie Ave., $235,000.

Celeb Properties Inc. to Stockton, Joseph O. and Alixe L., 11760 S. 113th St., $335,000.

O-Ne Metro Holdings LLC to Zapo LLC, 1009 S. Washington St., $299,000.

Hansen, Stephanie L. to Parks, Ridge and Kelsey, 610 Oak Ridge Street, $340,000.

Stark, Howard Anthony Jr. and Miranda to Woodle, Kathryn Fern, trustee, 1144 Overland Trl, $250,000.

Pinter, Michael and Allison to McFarlin, Patrick and Kristi, 11806 S. one hundred and tenth Ave., $435,000.

Schrader, Ryan C. and Jenniffer Kelly to Holmes, Joshua and Alice, 2201 S. River Rock Drive, $355,000.

Antoniak, Dianna R. and Charles E. to McBride, Vernon and Rouse, Colleen, 535 E. fifth St., $250,000.

Moree, Robin D. and Melanie S. to Detwiler, John M. and Caralee A., 606 Oak Ridge Street, $389,000.

Efliq Design & Restoration LLC to Kidd, Patricia J., 820 N. Adams St., $361,000.

Barnes, Bryan L. and Caroline A. to Clouser, Ashley, 1705 Eastview Drive, $349,000.

Charleston Properties LLC to Yslas, Arturo Alejandro and Lauren Petkus, 12108 S. one hundred and tenth St., $441,000.

Chalup, Matthew S. and Jamie M. to Choquette, Brandon and Prosser, Amanda, 503 Woodbine Circle, $350,000.

Rmec LLC to Czerwinski, Trent, 1120 Delmar St., Unit 2A, $116,000.

Kremlacek, Cory and Jaime to Foulger, Kathleen and Smith, Andrew, 2002 Queen Drive, $284,000.

Wilton, Breanne L. to Walker, Jessica, 604 Michael Drive, $315,000.

Pacesetter Properties Inc. to Korner, Jason and Tamara J., 11518 S. 109th St., $442,000.

Crusoe, David A. and Rae E. to Bober, Angela, 815 Juniper Circle, $339,000.

Pine Crest Properties LLC to Kremlacek, Cory and Jaime, 10223 Superior Drive, $407,000.

Walker, Nigel A. and Kristen E. to Espinoza, Levi Clayton and Amy Joann, 817 Arlene Ave., $280,000.

Richland Properties LLC to Newhouse, Christine Jo, 10414 S. 113th St., $327,000.

Belt Development Co. Inc. to Miranda, Alexis Okay. and Danielle M., 11551 S. 123rd Ter, $949,000.

Trosper, Robert N. to White, Sharnea L. and Trosper, Robert N., 400 Laredo Street, $101,000.

Roenfeldt, Trevor and Alicia to Mickelson, Nicole and Wickwire, Jesse, 480 Cedar St., $255,000.

Springfield American Legion Publish #143 to Bt Properties LLC, 166 S. 2nd St., $210,000.

Whitaker, Melissa M. and Greenlee, Jeanne M. to Liotta, Tanya M., 2411 Hogantown Drive, $251,000.

Henning, Wayne E. and Helen to Leybold, Seth, 9710 Briarwood Lane, $190,000.

Gould, James and Angela to De Luna, Barbara Rodriguez and Brennan, David, 3201 Leawood Drive, $265,000.

Little Venez LLC to Ouedraogo, Wendnonga J. and Kanyala, Rolande, 3531 Comstock Ave., $223,000.

GP Portfolio Landlord #3 LLC to Fcpt Holdings LLC, 2301 Cornhusker Street, $1,628,000.

Starkey, Sean T. and Michele M. to Estrada, Cesar and Janet, 10804 S. nineteenth St., $290,000.

Vela, Juan and Gomez, Alma E. to Buddies, Logan W. and Catharine D., 13702 S. forty third St., $418,000.

Newago, Bronson Okay. and Sara A. to Blitch, Matthew and Emily, 14316 Tregaron Drive, $300,000.

Adams, Doris H. to Turnley, Gus and Diones, Angelica, 12910 Courtney Drive, $250,000.

Kellogg, Jason and Monica to Buettgenbach, Jacob and Brittany, 9714 Linden Ave., $301,000.

Bueno, Fernando Jorge and Wilson, Meggan Marie to Jacobson, Paul T. and Janet L., 4310 Anchor Mill Street, $340,000.

Corridor, Jacob J. to Powell, Jordan and Rachael, 13501 S. forty fourth St., $393,000.

Reed, Barbara J. to Hansen, Ronald W. and Kathryn J., 7010 S. a centesimal Circle, $427,000.

Dyer, Candace A. to Sessi, Adjowa A., 7405 S. 76th Ave., $185,000.

Romero, Jake A. to Ledesma, Saul and Ramos, Veronica Gallardo, 7224 Frederick Ave., $220,000.

Hayes Actual Property LLC to Milburn Hayes LLC, 11825 Olive St., $1,860,000.

Knoell, Linda M., per rep, and Christine R. Anderson Property to Conway, Donald, 10516 Brentwood Drive, $325,000.

Sherwood Properties Inc. to Dillon, Brad C. and Christina A., 5215 Heartland Drive, $440,000.

Chapman, Michael to Van De Hoef, Greeta Jean, 607 Rosewood Ave., $305,000.

Hart & Olsen Property Group LLC to Haire, Dennis B. Jr. and Lisa A., 2606 Alexandra Street, $366,000.

Sabido, Gerard A. and Mariano Sabido, Antoinette C. to Clairlind LLC, 305 Hilton Head Drive, $240,000.

Remmen, Allen Rader and Jeri Michelle to Wilwerding, Steven M. and Elizabeth C., 12108 S. forty ninth Ave., $425,000.

Charleston Properties LLC to Badger, Dontrell M. and Meghan L., 5016 Leawood Drive, $381,000.

Legacy Properties Omaha LLC to Gayibor, Kote Fide and Ayivi, Guedehoussou Ayoko Akpene, 7717 S. 185th St., $400,000.

Legacy Properties Omaha LLC to Wiemer, Harris Tatum and Harris, Nathan, 7317 S. 184th Ave., $413,000.

Kohl, Brian C. and Lachanse, Christine M. to Weilage, Kent and Shelly, 7829 S. 184th St., $415,000.

Humphreys, Kimberly and Johnston, Matthew to Marie Schroeder Actual Property PC, 17002 Cottonwood Circle, $340,000.

CM & TJ Properties LLC to Woodle, Kathryn Fern, trustee, 9829 S. 168th Ave., Unit 4F, $375,000.

Celeb Properties Inc. to Warner, Alois D. and Daylinn E., 9306 S. 179th St., $377,000.

Scarboro, Lauren to Manning, Dara A., 7337 S. 183rd St., $282,000.

Hayes, Daniel J. and Amy L. to Anderson, Kathryn R., 9318 S. 171st St., $402,000.

Dasovic, Joel D. and Amanda D. to Stevenson, Chad and Bugg, Laura, 7211 S. 184th St., $410,000.

Celeb Properties Inc. to Bowman, Craig and Jennifer A., 9322 S. 176th Ave., $438,000.

Richland Properties LLC to Harrahill, Shawn and Laura, 9806 S. 184th St., $383,000.

Ford, Lynn J. to Loberg, Steven and Wendy, 8424 S. 169th St., $407,000.

D.R. Horton Nebraska LLC to Rikli, Amy, 10907 S. 176th St., $412,000.

Jackson, Jordan and Christine to Neal, Kathryn F. and Lucero. Michael D., 18809 Redwood St., $370,000.

Bringewatt, Rachel to Hoeven, Lea A. and Douglas J., 19025 Olive St., $352,000.

Wilson, Jolene and Todd to Beeson, Debra M. and Miller, Daybreak Marie, 17733 Edna St., $264,000.

Tordoff, Michelle L. and Daniel to Ellis, Kaden and Andrea, 8606 S. 164th St., $340,000.

Bridgeport Growth LLC to Belt Development Co. Inc., 10014 S. 184th St., $89,000.

Dean, Jeremy W. to Riesenberg, Jeffrey and Collier, Jennifer, 17721 Lillian St., $265,000.

Smith, Laura L., trustee, to Darling, Daniel R. and Joslyn J. and Darling, Darrell L. and Patricia D., 13018 Emiline St., $197,000.

DB Realty LLC to 8616 L. Avenue LLC, 9918 S. 148th St., $2,525,000.

Weerakoon, Aruna I. B. and Rathnayake, Nirosha P. to Dacy, Dominique and Adams, Jocelyn, 7408 S. one hundred and fifty fifth Ave., $283,000.

Shiller, Rachel A. and Seth to Parry, Tracey Stanton, 14105 Jennifer Street, $235,000.

Olsen, Gary M., per rep, and Gary Olsen Property to Bosaw, Michael and Rebecca, 13104 Lillian St., $230,000.

A&L Reworking LLC to Vosburg, Bruce David and Kathryn Bradford, 7510 S. thirty fifth St., $225,000.

Fausset, Sydney N. to Lane, James and Norlene, 7621 Chandler Hills Drive, $185,000.

Downs, Cheryl A., successor trustee, and Rokicki, Linda J., successor trustee, and Kripal, John A., successor trustee, to Kripal, Jacob D. and Valerie A., 4227 Giles Street, $313,000.

Lighthouse Baptist Church to Heder, Caleb and Danyelle, 3618 Greene Ave., $240,000.

Perales, Mary, per rep, and Perales, Samuel to Perales, Christopher D., 7213 Chandler Acres Drive, $245,000.

Jensen, Thomas J. to Bruch, Taylor, 4560 Virginia St., $214,000.

Kehr, David W., per rep, and Lois J. Kehr Property to Lightswitch Properties LLC, 7124 S. forty ninth Ave. Circle, $143,000.

Cervantes, Dashyel and Perez, Aniuvis to Linares, Eleazar and Calderon Linares, Alejandra, 8510 S. forty seventh St., $270,000.

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