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The next are actual property transfers filed in La Crosse County. By legislation, some transfers are exempt from switch charges; these properties are listed with out costs.

Melanie and Paul Bratcher to Peter Wilker, 2222 Market Place, $288,175

Michelle Curtis to Tatem Baures and Nathan Gelder, 2922 twenty ninth Court docket, $189,000

Stroeh Properties to Losey and State Properties, 2309, 2311 State Street, $1,075,000

Patricia and Wayne Lura to Robert Wynn, 3418 Solaris Lane, $227,504

Nathan King and Megan Tarman to Jamie Capuzzi, 1902 Redfield St., $250,000

Kay Smith to Kathryn and Matthew Stumpf, 2232 Onalaska Ave, $165,000

David and Jayne Otto Revocable Belief to Vangen Properties, 1514-1520 Farnam St., $180,000

R&D Schwanbeck Belief to Judith King Belief, 150 twenty eighth St. S., $150,000

Individuals are additionally studying…

BPNB  Actual Property Investments and PE Leases to Christian Neira, 112, 114 tenth St. S., $265,000

John Sheppard Properties to APM Properties, 225 Liberty St., $160,000

Mark and Mary Swiggum to Jasmine Eggert and Tylor Nelson, 1705 twenty first St. S., $231,000

Jake and Jenalee Brown to Peyton Mensink and Benjamin Schmit, 2127 Wooden St., $198,500

BPNB Actual Property Investments and PE Leases to Angels Elite Investments, 3403, 3407 Kenton St., $300,000

Kenneth and Robin Tschumper to James Marcou, 2542 First Ave., $250,000

David Schams to Jason McCoy, 2710 thirty second St., $200,000

Joan and Michael Gazeley to Weigel LLC, 2712, 2710 Foremost St., $225,000

Andrea and Brian Logue to David and Jody Knoble, 4640 Millatti Lane, $294,000

Casey Curtin to Andrew Morris, 1626 Wooden St., $150,000

Jacob and Sarah Martin to Josephine Dechant, 2226 Onalaska Ave., $162,250

Eileen Schroeder Property to Ridgerunner Actual Property, 4318 Markle Street, $90,000

Alex and Shannyn Greeno to Mick Nisbet, 4914 County Street B, $225,000

Carol Erickson to Katie and William Favre, 3247, 3249 twenty ninth Court docket S., $272,000

Kickapoo River Properties to Robert Schiff, 1920 Losey Blvd., $220,000

Elizabeth Osantowski and Matthew Troyanek t Dallas and Ruth Ellefson, 323 Prepare dinner St., $197,000

McKenzie Rindahl to Skye Darr, 2145 twenty first Place S., $210,000

Brandi and Ryan Slosser to Devin Fogel, 2878 twenty ninth Court docket, $250,000

Paul Ehresmann to Andrew Leinss, 320 twenty first St. S., $312,500

David Mitterreiter Property to Cameron Hendrick and Sara Thomas, 1819 Prospect St., $140,000

Mary Dearman Property to Cody Fitzpatrick and Danielle Robust, 3107 Lakeshore Drive, $168,000

Jennifer and Scott Gilles to GH-I La Crosse LLC, 1101, 1103 State St., $240,000

Jamie and Steven Saitta to Mai Xiong, 2508 Harvey St., $162,000

CMKJ Properties to Marqui Options, 725 twenty fourth St. N., $250,000

Delores Soller to Nickelatti Actual Property, 1323, 1325 Mississippi St., $162,000

Ashley Eckblad to Travis and Trisha Hutzenbuhler, N2249 Clements Street, $575,000

Trevor McDonald to Nickelatti Actual Property, 411, 413 Rose St., $167,000

Nicole Schroeder to Alana Gruntzel, 2311 Wooden St., $189,900

Inbar Saporta to Cheryl Chandler, 2217 King St., $275,000

Jonathan and Sara Heaser to Kyle and Staci Lovejoy, N2230 Birchview Circle, $350,000

Elizabeth and Nicholas Kibler to Eugene Grenawalt, W8091 County Street Z, $245,000

Austin and Lauren Hegenbarth to Allan and Tanya Hanson, W6547 Woodland Move, $458,000

JR Sand Lake LLC to Brendon Bender and Maranda Hilby, 2914 Cortland St., 2931 Beyer Street, $69,900

Donald and Margaret Stein to Mai Vang and Leng Vue, 1400 Cliffview Ave, $400,000

Colleen and Michael Walz to Brianna Dolinar and Colin Kammerzelt, 1821 Franklin St., $256,000

Norma Pierce Property to Patrick and Rita Schwartz, 203 23th Court docket, $350,000

Bradley and Pamela Benrud to TDS Metrocom, 917 thirteenth Ave. S., $280,000

Tarah Raaum to Karen Wright, N5611 Mohican Path, $350,000

David Irish Property to 35 Sunsets LLC, N5376 Hwy. 35, $205,500

Nicholas and Samantha McMahon to Adam and Jamie Bell, W8055 Forest Drive, $300,000

Justin Hoffman to Adam and Nicole Lee, 566 twenty first Ave., $350,000

Teresa and Todd Nedegaard to Kendra and Logan Lasack, 910 Fourth Ave. N., $195,000

M4 LLC to Margaret and Teddy Thompson, 316 Second Ave. S., $655,175

Heather Kamrowski to Christopher Vaaler, W7527 County Street ZB, $208,905

William Cota to Matthew and Nicole Hummel, 1105 Oak Ave., $310,000

Debra Kabat to Matthew Matel and Michelle Reisbig, N4594 Meadow Wooden Street, $312,000

Carolina See to Allison and Lee Kashdan, 151 Fairway Court docket, $525,000

Nicole and Stuart Rupp to Michael Killmeyer and Stephanie Wyrostek, 2522 Hoeschler Drive, $280,000

Andrea and Lucas Alvin to Benjamin Bosteter and Renee Webb, 524 thirteenth Place, $305,000

Augusta Favre to Joshua and Kelsie Speltz, 202 Morris St., $232,500

Allan and Tanya Hanson to Megan and Nathan King, 802 Greenwood St., $385,000

Kenneth and Teresa Klein to Lucas Alvin, 901 Remington Drive, $380,000

Jason Kleinsasser to Nicholas and Victoria Theobald, 1132 Bridger Drive, $494,750

Jeffrey and Julie Connelly to Amber Fennigkoh, W7751 Parcher Court docket, $360,000

Jordan Hanson to James Shurson Revocable Belief, 320 North Star Street, $200,000

Maizoua and Steve Moua to Alex and Shannyn Greeno, 1003 Starlite Drive, $350,000

Kristen Freier to Saraswathi Punagin and Ganesh Shenoy, 906 Silver Drive, $357,525

Amy and Richard Venner to Nicholas and Samantha McMahon, W6871 Hidden Valley Street, $460,000

Jason and Nicole Dresen to Robert Cottrell Belief, 116 Wall St. E, $216,000

S&V Investments to Hope Keep Holdings, 3912 Circle Drive, $175,000

Dennis Grokowsky to Barbara Grokowsky, 430 Russell Drive

Elmwood Companions LTD to Benjamin Towle, 626 Laramie Lane, $62,900

Barbara and Jerome Johnson to KEL Investments, 112 Holmen Drive, $200,000

Brandon and Molly Beal to Gerald and Valerie Dewitt, 2006 Spakenburg Street, $440,000

Michael and Petra Nedoba to Jason and Jessica Kopp, N6384 Wildwood Valley Street, $92,500

Steve Spors to Brian and Robert Spors, N8895 Garfield Street, $51,133

Jill and Mark Dunne to Jaden and Tristan Hudson, W7189 Heram Street, $415,000

Carol and James Labuzzetta to Jon and Nancy Tribble, N6948 County Street V, $525,000

HG Group to Grant and Jan Frederixon, 1948 Spakenburg Street, $329,000

Hannah Dickinson to Brandi and Ryan Slosser, 306 Lilac Lane, $320,000

Joshua Wannemuehler to Julie and Ryan Terpstra, 207 McHugh St. E., $262,500

Maria Mason to Blaine Mason, 2906 Meadow Lark Lane, $222,000

Mathison Development to James and Tracy Olson, 1926 Hudson St., $451,800

Chelsea and William Nicksic to Tracy McCurdy, 306 Peterson St., $405,000

JTK Development to Jamie Block and Elissa Habenicht, 431 Panther Move, $450,000

Renee Gruen to Shawn Gruen and Jenna Kapter, 376 Clark St., $164,000

Amber Fennigkoh to Erika Botcher, 1043 John St., $435,000

Paul and Ronda Lavold to Jamie and Steven Saitta, N4952 Carlson Street, $385,000

Dana and Daniel Roemhild to Daniel Speer and Erin Sprester, 361 Youlon St., $300,000

Randy and Stephanie Wagner to Janet and Kristopher Pine, 204 Garland St., $280,500

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