Sean of the South: Dreamers

By Sean Dietrich, Sean of the South


I’ve a dream. I’ve a dream that at some point individuals received’t hate one another.

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I’ve a dream that, sometime, upon the West Texan soil, the Lakes of Minnesota, the hillsides of the Carolinas, the peaks of Colorado, the foothills of Alabama and the shores of Sandy Hook, Connecticut, that we are going to all share the blessed bread of friendship.

I’ve a dream that sometime we Individuals will truly develop to love one another once more.

I’ve a dream that at some point the tenderness of humankind won’t solely be demonstrated within the public discussion board, however throughout the partitions of the house, inside our faculties, and on our phosphorus blue-lit cellphone screens.

I’ve a dream that folks will sometime hear to 1 one other, irrespective of how uncomfortable it may be. I’ve a dream that each one who oppose each other will—and I do know that is doable—discover a widespread floor.

I’ve a dream that our youngsters will forgive us our sins, as we forgive those that root for the flawed soccer crew.

I’ve a dream that sometime all gasoline-pump card readers will settle for my debit card with out pc error.

I’ve a dream that my web service supplier will cease experiencing mass outages roughly each six minutes, particularly throughout additional innings. Spectrum Web, I’m taking a look at you.

And I’ve a dream that sometime you’ll solely want one password for all of your web accounts, as an alternative of two,731 passwords, every of which should include at the very least 14 characters, one uppercase letter, six numerals, a particular character, and the blood of a nanny goat sacrifice.

I’ve a dream that, at some point, much less American youngsters will need iPhone 13s and extra children will need Crayola 64s. I’ve a dream that video video games might be much less essential than constructing forts.

I’ve a dream that youngsters will as soon as once more embrace their heaven-sent proper to connect baseball playing cards to their bicycle spokes.

I’ve a dream that sometime God’s title won’t be used as a weapon.

I’ve a dream that the 17 million youngsters who face each day starvation in America—6 million greater than earlier than the pandemic—will eat supper tonight.

I’ve a dream that sometime the 450,000 foster children within the U.S. will know, for sure, that somebody desires them.

I’ve a dream that at some point, within the close to future, the 1,752,735 individuals in America who’re recognized with most cancers every year might be cured by science.

I’ve a dream that the 800,000 who die from suicide every year will select to reside, and select a lifetime of that means. I’ve a dream that every one out of 5 Individuals who suffers from psychological sickness may discover reduction for his or her troubled minds, and relaxation for his or her browbeaten souls.

I’ve a dream that sometime the 630,505 individuals who get divorced yearly will study to like with out situation, hear greater than they discuss, and above all, put the bathroom seat down.

I’ve a dream that at some point artwork would be the means by which an individual intelligently expresses oneself as an alternative of The Remark Part.

I’ve a dream that sometime women and men won’t be judged by the colour of their pores and skin, or by their stage of schooling, or by their checking account steadiness, or by the God they worship, or by the partner they select, or by their tradition of origin, or by the social gathering with which they’re affiliated, or by the concepts they maintain pricey, however by the content material of their character and the standard of their coronary heart.

I’ve a dream that sometime the 57 nations on this world who will not be free; who’re riddled with violence, totalitarian governments, poverty, homicide and crime, will discover their freedom. And, Lord, could they discover it quickly.

I’ve a dream that freedom from hatred and sorrow and ignorance and apathy will ring from all world villages and hamlets, from each state, each county and each metropolis, to hurry that day when all God’s youngsters, Black males and white males, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, addicts and angels, preachers and prostitutes, will be capable to be a part of arms and sing within the phrases of the outdated religious: “Free ultimately. Free ultimately. Thank God almighty, we’re free ultimately.”

I want it have been greater than only a dream.

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