Licensing hurts customers greater than it helps


RALEIGH — Though North Carolina has change into a demonstrably freer place to reside and work over the previous 10 years, our state stays grossly out of step with the remainder of America in a key respect: we unnecessarily limit the liberty of employees to enter new occupations and the liberty of customers to buy items and providers from whomever they want.

In keeping with the newest Cato Institute rankings, North Carolina ranks fortieth within the nation in occupational freedom. In many of the nation, states require fewer occupations to be licensed, the necessities they do impose are much less stringent, and the associated fee to enter these licensed professions — in money and time — is way decrease.

Why will we erect such excessive regulatory boundaries to getting into so many careers? Defenders of occupational licensing argue that client welfare is at stake. With out the standard management that licensing boards signify, unqualified or unscrupulous suppliers would reap the benefits of customers. They’d do shoddy work. They’d cheat. They’d endanger customers.

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